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How to Clean-up Your Copywriting for More Profitable Marketing

My wife gets the urge, on occasion, to have a garage sale. So we teamed up with a couple of neighbors on either side of us (one of them did the advertising so it was a nice way to piggy-back on their efforts) to unload some of our stuff. For those in other cultures, or [...]


Why saying “trust me” destroys trust in marketing

A close family member recently experienced a salesperson’s attempt to close-the-deal by shoving a contract across his desk with the words, something to the effect of, “Come on…sign the (expletive) papers and let’s get this done…!” Had this been a multi-million dollar deal, built on months of negotiations, with significant upside potential, I’d understand the [...]


12 Reasons Businesses Fail at Social Media (And How Yours Can Succeed)

Browsing my Evernote idea file to write today’s post I came across this one I had clipped weeks ago – 2011 Predictions: Top 12 Reasons Businesses Will Fail at Social Media. I encourage you…don’t let the negative post title think it’s all doom & gloom. In fact, give attention to the “12″ and your business [...]


Why Your Marketing Should “Get” Social Media

Are you one of those who still don’t get the whole social-media-for-business thing? Or do you just wade in occasionally at water’s edge with a tweet here or a post there because your marketing director said, “We need to get into social media…!” Frankly, it’s difficult to argue with all the data when you consider [...]


Put super-power ability to work in your marketing

I’m often asked about my copywriting. When someone asks me if I write this-or-that kind of copy I hesitate. It’s not a hesitancy that results from questioning my ability to write a particular kind of copy. It’s more a matter of thinking how best to answer the question on-task. “On-task?” For example, when someone says [...]

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