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What’s In a Name? 3 Questions for Creating a Business, Product, or Service Name that Sticks & Sells

My oldest daughter asked me to help her brainstorm some names for a business her and a friend are launching. Being the marketing-minded Dad that I am I quickly launched into a marketing-101 lesson (why do I do this?). Hey, I’m passionate about my daughter’s success and avoiding the mistakes so many new launches make. [...]


How to Make Your Content “Sticky”

I walked across our kitchen floor a few days ago and experienced that somebody-spilled-something-sticky-feeling on the bottom of my bare feet. Ever done that? That’s bad-sticky! But when we talk about sticky-content…that’s good-sticky! Speaking of sticky – do you know the story of the Post-it® Note? You know, those little yellow notes we can’t live [...]


Understand 2 Things as You Jump Into Social Media

“Social Media isn’t inexpensive, it’s different expensive.” Jay Baer said that. And what he’s talking about is important…no, vital – especially as you’re taking-the-leap into social media! First, don’t pull-the-plug on social media or start making cuts to your marketing budget so you can plug it into your marketing efforts. Baer isn’t talking cash-flow. He’s [...]


3 Blog Basics for Business

[Portions of this article - written by me - first appeared on the Dentoola Blog-01.11.2011 and have been re-published on my dental industry niche blog at] Businesses and service providers that “get” social media will move ahead of the crowd. What’s a good first step? Choices vary these days from Twitter, to Facebook, to [...]


A 5-Question Filter for Your Marketing Content (Including Social Media)

You receive a marketing piece via mail…and Wow! Or you log onto a website and the embedded flash reminds you of a Vegas show. My first fleeting thought is – “Someone dropped some cash on that…!” Hold that thought…because there’s a deeper question that begs answering. And it’s a question that the ever-changing marketing landscape [...]


How to Declare Your Independence & Do More Profitable Marketing

Some post-Independence Day reflection has me thinking about the value of the holiday – given what it represents. We celebrate with fireworks, grilling some form of meat, sipping a cold beverage, hanging-out with friends and family. And we remember – at the “twilight’s last gleaming”…as a celebratory burst of fireworks explodes overhead – to reflect [...]

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