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Defeat This Fear & Achieve Your Goals

Some personal challenges recently reminded me of an acronym a work colleague uses. It describes a core issue that can hold you hostage, preventing you from achieving your business and life goals. For example, do you: >Try hard to fit in? >Commit to people and/or tasks you really don’t enjoy? >Buy the latest “shiny-object” because [...]


4 Social Media “Basics” That Can Transform How You Do Business

Had to “reboot” a device recently? Like your smart-phone or computer, your social media content strategy needs an occasional reboot. The reboot is a cleansing feeling really. By now (hopefully) you’ve ventured into the surf and are discovering how useful social media is for engaging with not only your friends but colleagues, clients, and prospective [...]


How to Pump-Up the Slumps

I scrolled through some archived e-newsletter content I published three years ago (wow). Amazed that as a freelance copywriter, and (adding to the mix) now a blogger, social media content writer/strategist, and soon to be info-publisher, I’m – to the week – experiencing similar thoughts and challenges about life and business building. Labor Day weekend [...]


How Copywriting Uncovers Hidden Value

A local paper ad caught my wife’s attention. It was promoting an international coin buyer’s event taking place over the weekend at a local hotel. Our experience prompted my thoughts about some important copywriting and marketing principles. I was reminded how it’s essential to think about the untapped value within your products and services. Along [...]

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