3 keys to profitable email promotions

I was “in love.” And I couldn’t wait to get my next perfume-scented letter (hey, we were giddy teenagers…cut us some slack). Ahh…the joys of adolescent “romance.” 

I remember those younger days when I anxiously waited for the US Postal vehicle to make it’s way down my street…to my mailbox!

Today – it’s too bad we can’t add fragrance to those text messages and emails. Ewww!

Here’s a thought – without all the fluffy romantic stuff. Imagine…

…your client list feeling that sense of anticipation I just described when your next promotional email arrives in their inbox.

Is it possible? Yes. And there are 3 ways you can add some allure (non-scented, of course) to your email promotions…and enjoy profits to boot.

These are the 3 most important (and overlooked) elements of email promotions.

1–The Lead

Why? It’s where you connect with the readers (your client or potential client) and build a relationship. (See previous post - 2010/08/31 ).

I go with a *story-based* lead 90% of the time. Notice how I started this one. Was it effective? If you’re still reading, perhaps so.

Stories, current events, movies, personal life experiences are relevant and compelling. They increase the potential of your entire email being read – especially to the point of the all-important *click-through* link (more on that in another post).

2–The Transition

This keeps you from “shifting-without-the-clutch.” Like when you’re driving a vehicle with a standard (not automatic) transmission. Don’t think high-end sports car. They’re much too smooth. Think 19?? pick-up truck. The kind your grandpa had down on the farm. Remember that gear-grinding noise when the clutch wasn’t engaged when shifting.

That “gear-grinding” happens when you make sudden or disconnected transitions of thought in an email promotion.

I know this probably sounds like a lot of effort to put into a simple email. But, if you want them read and clicked-through to a product or service offer on your website/webpage – you’ll give significant thought to how you “shift” from one element to the next.

Seamless, smooth transitions!

And now…drum-roll please…the most important element of your email promotion…#3

The Subject Line

Most emails fail here! Compelling content, smooth transitions, a well-placed click-through link in the email body… even a strategically designed website awaiting your client’s or prospect’s arrival. They’re worthless if your subject line doesn’t persude them to open the email.

For starters – take a look at your inbox. Critically review the subject lines of your favorite enewsletters you subscribe to and other email you receive. What compels you to open & read or delete?

Subject line wording matters. Read and learn.

And remember…

Compel (tell a story). Connect (seamless transition). Concentrate (subject line)!

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