3 Ways to Step-Away-from-the-Crowd with Better Copywriting

Do you know how much marketing content is published daily? Your response is probably like mine – “How much…? Not sure. But a lot!”

Your approach to copywriting will most likely follow a certain pattern. But the issue is always – will it produce the response you desire for your marketing efforts? And if it does, can it be repeated with equal or greater effectiveness each time it’s sent via email, mailed directly to your list, or posted on your website’s blog?

What you already have going for you may be the secret you’ve been looking for in your promotions. In print or online, revealing more of this can lift you above the crowd.

Speaking of crowds…remember a recent social function (a party or networking event). Someone – maybe only one – stood out from the pack of those you interacted with. What initially got your attention? Was it how they were dressed? How they looked? What they said or how they said it?

When all’s been said and done – this shines through. It’s…personality!

Add some personality to your marketing content and track the results. It’ll mean avoiding the window dressing mindset (e.g. flash, design, colors, etc.) typical of many copywriting approaches. In the end people will remember you more for the personality that shines through than the exterior coating.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m a fan of creative, colorful, out-of-the-ordinary promotions. They catch my eye and keep me engaged.


I’m hooked more when I’m drawn into the marketing conversation and it seems like only seconds have passed while it’s actually been several minutes. Good copywriting – the kind with personality – does this.

No more sleep-inducing content!

If your copywriting and marketing materials come with a warning label – WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after reading this…you know what I’m talking about! More than that they’re TYPICAL…and in business – typical isn’t memorable.

It’s vital to insert personality between every line of your communications with customers and prospects (most read between the lines of what you’re saying anyway). The *personality-ethic* applies to your email promotions, your blog posts and the social media content you post on your Twitter and Facebook page, the copywriting on your website, your e-newsletter content, and more.

Here’s 3 ways to add some personality or better yet get yours working for you and the copywriting that promotes your products and services:

1) Inc. yourself (and not in the corporate sense)!

I consistently remember the words a colleague and mentor said to me several years ago – “be yourself.” No one else can be you better than…YOU. Management guru, Tom Peters calls it “You Inc.” or “brand-you.”

It’s about the unique personality…the DNA…you personally bring to your marketing communications. Be unafraid to let people “in” on your life and the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business-story.

Step away from worn-out, weak, or ineffective branding! What you keep hidden or overshadowed (too much dependence on brand or image) might be the key to winning a client’s heart.

2) Step from behind the professional veneer.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m a believer in being and remaining professional in all your business practices. Just don’t confuse professionalism with being pretentious, aloof, or out-of-touch.

Why is it that someone talks in plain, easy-to-understand words yet when they get behind the key-board or take pen in hand they become this austere (there I go…using a big word) “plastic” person.

Corporate jargon is just that – jargon. It may or may not reflect your niche…or, for that matter – you. Think about it – how effective does bureaucracy communicate – really?

3) Be anything but typical.

Aim for authenticity. I’ll continue to beat-my-drum about avoiding typical, hype-driven marketing approaches.

Hypey…salesy wording alienates more than it attracts. People do business with hype-sters for much they same reason crowds show up at a freeway pile-up…!

People much more enjoy doing business with someone who’s real…authentic…open…honest…non-salesy! That’s untypical and it works.

Personality shines through every time. Get yours going for your copywriting and marketing approaches. Real people enjoy doing business with REAL people. And smile while you’re at it!

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