Are marketers manipulators?

Say one thing – do another! Make a promise you never intended to keep. And do it for dramatic effect.
Saying you will or you won’t. Neither happens.
Is that manipulation, a bold-faced lie, or both?
You be the judge. Perhaps the answer lies (interesting choice of words) in motive.
I’ve watched and been suckered into the drama of words many times. I know what it feels like to be duped…manipulated…suckered! I hate the feeling!
People deserve better. Marketing deserves better.
Is Seth Godin right? Are “…all marketers liars…?” (his point being what it is – read the book to find out).
Here’s my take: When a marketing promise (words to the effect) merely dramatizes the product…service…outcome beyond what is planned to actually be delivered – you’re not marketing you’re manipulating.
That’s why, in my opinion, hype-based marketing is a load of b*s* (as in – if you must fast-talk at the end of an auto commercial or run fine-print to the fact).
Manipulators are masters in the art of bull! The more they’re allowed to talk the more you’ll step in!
Change the channel! Toss the promotion! Turn and run! But, stay at your own risk.
When marketing – choose to compel instead. Compelled or manipulated – which is better? You choose!
As for marketing content, compelling copy is far more engaging. And over the long haul, more effective.
Evaluate your marketing conversations (i.e. the ongoing copy/content you use to promote your business, product, or service) like you would your personal conversations. Don’t say one thing intending to do another…just to get a rise.
That’s manipulation any way you broadcast it, write it, or say it!

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