Sometimes I do stupid stuff…

…And I admitted my guilt to the person in mind. I said something stupid and my timing was oh-so bad!

To quote Forrest Gump (I think it was him), “Stupid is as stupid does…” (Cue flurry of comments!).

Anyway, my stupidity- foible got me thinking about what “stupid is” with marketing copy.

Here’s a short list:

All features – no benefits

Copy that’s all about the “est” – as in the “big-est”, “great-est”, “short-est” – should fluidly lead to a compelling benefit. Always? I’d stand by that statement for 99% of copywriting that’s feature heavy.

Here’s a tip: Stop before you lazily promote a widget as “the greatest…” Ask/say, “So what…?” Now start answering the “what.” Answer the “what” on as many levels as you can.” Then, you’ll be on the path to discovering some compelling benefits that could increase profit.

Too many themes in a promotion

A laser or a light bulb. What’s the difference? Both are light sources, right? A light bulb is a diffused or broadcasting light source. It illuminates an environment. A laser is a focused light source. And when aimed, a laser has the ability to cut through thick steel.

A promotion should  be laser-like! Focused! 

To penetrate your target market’s emotions – focus on “one” theme in your copy. Lock in like  a laser beam with “one” compelling idea.

That’s it for now.

I’ll keep this post brief. The more I write (today), the more I risk saying something stupid…again! :0

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