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3 Online Marketing Assets Worth Controlling

I have control freak tendencies. Why are you giving me that look? Come on now. You have your issues too! Truthfully, this sometimes freakish behavior has value. For example, you should consider it a good thing that you want to maintain control over your business assets. I marvel at people who face the wind while [...]


What’s unique about you?

My wife and I enjoyed dinner and good conversation with a friend last evening. Part of our conversation was about the value we bring to our work and the opportunities the marketplace gives us. Our friend is pursuing new job opportunities (and I happened to renew/write her resume – another value-add benefit of knowing effective [...]


How to Clean-up Your Copywriting for More Profitable Marketing

My wife gets the urge, on occasion, to have a garage sale. So we teamed up with a couple of neighbors on either side of us (one of them did the advertising so it was a nice way to piggy-back on their efforts) to unload some of our stuff. For those in other cultures, or [...]


Why saying “trust me” destroys trust in marketing

A close family member recently experienced a salesperson’s attempt to close-the-deal by shoving a contract across his desk with the words, something to the effect of, “Come on…sign the (expletive) papers and let’s get this done…!” Had this been a multi-million dollar deal, built on months of negotiations, with significant upside potential, I’d understand the [...]


Why slow-growth doesn’t equal no-growth with email promotions

I read an article by Harvey Mackay . He reminded me of the amazing story of the bamboo tree. When a bamboo seed is planted it must be watered consistently each day. This process continues for four years before any growth is visible above the ground. But…when growth occurs, the bamboo stalk grows 60 feet…in [...]


3 keys to profitable email promotions

I was “in love.” And I couldn’t wait to get my next perfume-scented letter (hey, we were giddy teenagers…cut us some slack). Ahh…the joys of adolescent “romance.”¬† I remember¬†those younger days when I anxiously waited for the US Postal vehicle to make it’s way down my street…to my mailbox! Today – it’s too bad we [...]

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