Why slow-growth doesn’t equal no-growth with email promotions

I read an article by Harvey Mackay . He reminded me of the amazing story of the bamboo tree.

When a bamboo seed is planted it must be watered consistently each day. This process continues for four years before any growth is visible above the ground.

But…when growth occurs, the bamboo stalk grows 60 feet…in the next 90 days!

Amazing, huh!

Email promotions are similar in scope to the seeding, watering, and eventual growth of the amazing bamboo plant. In recent posts I’ve shared some vital elements of email marketing.

Essentially, email promotions are a means to build an ongoing relationship of trust with your client list. The copy – from the subject line to the main message – are designed to say, “our company, products, etc, can be trusted…check us out.”

With email, trust is developed…over a period of time. One day a click-through to your website or product promotion page will deliver a satisfied buyer!

Build client relationships by planting these bamboo-growth elements in every email promotion:

>Plant the seed — if you don’t plant seeds it’s next to certain you’ll not experience a harvest. Are you “seeding” your list consistently? Compelling, story-based emails are “seeds” with the potential to create growth in sales.

>Water the seed — planting and forgetting is no way to increase a harvest. Daily watering is to the seed what follow-up is to your client/prospect list. Email is an effective follow-up tool. Use email to provide useful content and/or links to it on your website (e.g. a blog, article archives, e-newsletters) as a client/prospect nurturing tool.

>Patiently wait for growth — just because nothing is visible above the surface (e.g. the bamboo plant) doesn’t mean growth isn’t prepared to occur. The key is the process: plant seed…consistently water the seed…growth happens.

It’s easy to follow the latest this-or-that fad for client…customer development. Perhaps staying the course with consistent effort will one day produce explosive growth – the kind that happens because you trusted the seed!

Email works if you plant it…water it…and let it grow!

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