Do you know where you’re going with your marketing message?

My daughter missed a turnpike exit. She called me frantic about what to do next. I knew. And I could picture her location from years of driving the same route.

But what I knew and what she was experiencing were two very different things. She: panic…OMG…! Me: “it’s okay…take a deep breath…I’ll get you home…!”

Frustration meets panic when you’re without clear direction. The signs are clear to one who understands them or who has experience with the territory in question.

Trust the signs and you’ll get where you’re going. If the signs are unclear or you’re clueless about where the heck you are – the destination’s an afterthought. Welcome to Lost-ville! 

Copywriting that compels has a clear story line.

Michael Masterson calls it “the power of one.” Pick a path. Stay with it. Know where you’re going.

I write best when I follow a thread of thought or a story theme. Imagine a path of bread crumbs leading to a house where there’s the offer of plenty!

Be clear in  your marketing copy.

Just because it’s creative doesn’t guarantee it will bring a prospect home. There are creative ways to get lost and miss the destination completely! The path was fun but now it’s dark and you’re not sure where you are.

What I’m coaching my daughter to do also applies to being clear with each marketing message:

1) Know where you’re going before you start – you’ll miss what you don’t aim for…everytime!

2) Be clear about how to get there - with more than one way to go…pick one path and stick to it!

3) Picture familiar landmarks along the way – connect with what’s relevant…meaningful…memorable along the way.

And…it doesn’t hurt to trust the entire trip to a TomTom. Expert guidance pays…

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