What do babies (and everyone else) need?

My grandson loves books. He toddles across the room book in hand, plops down beside me and we read together.

A favorite title – “What Do Babies Need?” Pictures and short answers tell the story about what little ones need. Stuff like baths, food, and most of all, love.

Experience tells me – when a baby’s in need, run the list of basics – food (check!), clean diaper (check!), pacifier (check!)… Find and meet the need and they’ll be satisfied (until the next “need” arises).

What do people need? Answer that question for every marketing approach.

Copywriting must target not only the surface needs of a prospect but also those deeper emotional needs. Anyone can market to the surface stuff – and most do.

Getting to the core of what people need takes extra-mile effort.  And the extra effort separates a marketing promotion from all the rest.

Lessons from my grandson for discovering the needs of your market:

1) Be naive. My grandson has innocence therefore he learns. Approach your target prospects with a healthy niavete’. When you think you know them…truth is - you don’t.

2) Be diligent. My ‘lil guy brings the same book to my lap again and again. To him it’s a fresh read every time. If you want to know the needs of your market – research, research, research – and then research some more. You probably missed something the first or fifth time around.

3) Be resilient.My g-son’s attention span is a nano-second. Two pages into the book and he’s off to something else. Am I offended at his back-and-forth…up-and-down-ness? Not at all! I roll with the changes. The needs of the moment for prospects change like a child’s disposition. Remember and respond accordingly (see Lesson 2).

Childlike innocence, diligence, and resilience. It’s what babies…and your marketing copy need.

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