How to be known as an “industry expert”

“What do I really have to offer the industry or more specifically – the niche – I work in?” It’s an important question that forces me to inventory the benefits I deliver.

This week I’ve been writing and editing a report that I’ll deliver FREE to my prospective client list. There’s an important reason I’m doing this…and why you might consider doing the same on a routine basis.

Why a special report…case study…or white paper is an important tool in your marketing toolbox:

>It encourages “expert” status.

Not everyone and certainly not even a large number of people know what you know. And if even if they do -who’s taking the time to put it in writing.

Frankly, writing scares most people. Or the few who do take a shot at it, start a document in their word processor perhaps never to return to it.

When you put your insight, knowledge, and skills out there you set yourself up as a go-to service provider. When an issue or challenge arises that your content addresses – in even a remote way – guess who comes to mind.

Thinking yourself and your services as “expert” isn’t arrogant. In fact, it’s more self-centered to hold on to your knowledge base – think about it!

>It puts you on the solution-side of the marketplace.

Talking-heads in today’s media numb us to the real issue – “how do we fix this?” If as much time were given to solutions as is given to pointing out the problems mainstream media would lose a substantial amount of “voice” and many bloated pontificators would be speechless.

It’s easier to focus on problems…on what needs fixing than it is to dig in, roll up your sleeves and do the work.

A steady stream of information that you publish – full of solutions to common market and industry problems – will give you “voice!”

Get to know the problems, issues, and challenges facing your particular niche/industry. Follow the social media feeds within your industry. Subscribe to industry blogs. Read comments. Engage others via your comments.

Create an idea file of common and current problems you discover. Do some extra-mile research and write some tips for solving the issues at hand.

Your opinion and insights count just as much as anyone’s. And putting your thoughts out there gives you a stake in helping solve some issues for your constituents.

>It gives you content to repurpose again and again.

Social media is about content delivery. Throughout the day I send tweets and Facebook posts to my Evernote account. I’ve developed a reference library that I can tap into any time and any place. And the reason is due to the content others unashamedly publish on a consistent basis through social media.

Again, being a solution-content source is a top reason to be a consistent info publisher. Once you’ve produced even one 10 to 20 page report-like document you can repurpose it a piece at a time and have months of content to send out via Twitter and your Facebook page.

What keeps many from jumping into the social media zone (or thinking it’s a waste of time and energy) is lack of shareable, useful content.

Having a report, white paper, or case study densely packed with beneficial content in your marketing repertoire gives you a well of information to share with others. And contrary to what you might believe – people really do hunger for information especially the brand that provides solutions to their problems.

Give yourself some credit for what you know. And get it in writing.

Special reports, case studies, white papers, social media content, blog posts, enewsletter articles are among my copywriting expertise. Don’t keep your expertise under-wraps. Contact me today to write yours!

2 Responses to “How to be known as an “industry expert””

  1. Eddie,

    Fantastic article. Public rejection, not the writing itself, is what I think scares most people. You’ve got to take the chance and know that persistence and learning from mistakes pays.


  2. estephens says:

    Thanks Samantha. You’re absolutely on to part of that inner-game we play – the one that says we “…don’t have anything of value to say…”, or the classic “…who wants to read what I write…?” The only way through this mindset ambush is to do it anyway! Someone will benefit from your fresh perspective.

    Mucho appreciation for your comment.


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