How to Declare Your Independence & Do More Profitable Marketing

Some post-Independence Day reflection has me thinking about the value of the holiday – given what it represents.

We celebrate with fireworks, grilling some form of meat, sipping a cold beverage, hanging-out with friends and family. And we remember – at the “twilight’s last gleaming”…as a celebratory burst of fireworks explodes overhead – to reflect on what it means to be American.

Sweet freedom!

Think about it – you and I have freedom. The undeniable freedom to live, earn, and prosper in this great country!

Declare Your Independence

In business, true freedom is knowing what makes your products/services unique. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) gives you the confidence to stand independently among your competition.

How uniquely independent is the copywriting that promotes your services and products? Have you established your independence in the industry marketplace with outstanding copywriting?

3 Steps to Declaring Your Independence from Your Competitors

In the spirit of independence and all things freedom, consider your business growth in the first half of this year. It is, after all, July. You’re halfway through the calendar and either celebrating the profits to date or evaluating how you can emerge profitable at the end of the two remaining quarters come December.

Before you think “Jingle Bells” and mistletoe (that’ll be here soon enough) let’s do some mid-year evaluation of your marketing resources in the shadow of the the recent July 4th holiday and the ole’ “red, white, & blue.”

Exercise some freedom of thought by applying the following steps to your marketing content.

Read…Write &…Renew… (think red, white, & blue)


Reading your marketing copy with fresh eyes could be the key to increasing your second-half profits. Begin to read your promotions with a more critical eye.

Start right now! Pull up your current promotion. Scroll over to your website. Check out your latest blog post, tweet on Twitter, or Facebook page post.

Does each uniquely declare your market niche independence? Do the words suggest that you’re offering something different than every other solution currently available?

Often a business relies on outdated, over-done, over-written copy and expects it to work its magic on prospects and clients. Is it?

Eye the promotions that arrive in your email in-box and your postal mail. Which ones get your attention? What is it about the content that draws you in, inviting you to read further?

Compare it to your A-Level marketing piece. Differences?


The keywords and concepts you glean from the vast amount of copywriting you receive via postal mail and email might be good-as-gold to your business.

It’s been my practice to read a market proven promotion such as a direct-mail or online sales letter (I’ve got files and book full of them). Typically I’ll read the same one over and over again for a period of days during a given week. Then I’ll hand write a large portion of the copy word for word on a blank sheet of paper.

This discipline – rote as it may seem – ingrains key concepts and copywriting strategies in my mind (like hitting golf balls on the range…taking batting practice…shooting free-throw after free-throw). Perhaps you’re thinking that’s too much work (but remember this is my chosen field).

The principle holds – establish your market uniqueness and independence by schooling yourself in what’s working (and not working) in your industry niche. It serves the process to *write* down what you like about the copy, keywords, how they’re used, etc.



Halfway through the year is a great time to renew your marketing resources. What profits are you leaving-off-the-table as result of ineffective promotions?

Test a new sales letter, a fresh product case study, an email promotion, your web page copy, etc. against your current ones. You’ll never know if what you’ve been mailing, sending-out, or posting on your website could be improved until you test it. When sales increase (or decrease) you’ll know your renewal efforts and/or costs were or will be worth it.

Apply these simple steps to your business promotions. Declare your independence from your competitors.

That’s the kind of freedom you can take-to-the-bank.

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