How to Pump-Up the Slumps

I scrolled through some archived e-newsletter content I published three years ago (wow). Amazed that as a freelance copywriter, and (adding to the mix) now a blogger, social media content writer/strategist, and soon to be info-publisher, I’m – to the week – experiencing similar thoughts and challenges about life and business building.

Labor Day weekend is in the rear-view mirror. This annual holiday marks the official transition from summer to fall and the final stretch of the year.

Summer’s laid-back, lazy attitude (I’m missing it already) gets exchanged for the more reflective the-year’s-almost-over-how-am-I-doing attitude of the fall season.

This seasonal transition is one I personally grieve – in a weird sort of way. Though I enjoy fall’s colors and the crisp, cool temps, football, and the approaching holidays…I’m a summer-dude at heart.

Seasonal transitions and their momentum are an effective way to evaluate where you stand in life and business. Build on summer’s renewing qualities (vacations, recreation, etc.) and head into the year’s fourth and final quarter – as fall approaches – pumping up the volume.

In sports, relationships, business, sales, your attitude, or life in general – slumps happen. Think about it – no one or nothing is immune from the inevitable “funk.”

Be prepared for slumps and willing to take action to overcome them. I discovered the following points from Harvey Mackay* (NY Times best-selling author and businessman).

Consider these essential “slump-gear.”

1–Get back to the basics.

Start by looking at your goals. Are you following your game-plan to achieve them? If not, fix what’s broken – if so, create new plans. Do the basics well – marketing, prospecting, lead development, follow-up, customer service, etc.

2–Evaluate your own performance first.

Before you place blame remember, this is your slump. Commit to hard work until you get out of it.

3–Seek trusted advice.

After you’ve exhausted your own resources get the input of friends, colleagues – even a business/life coach. Check your ego. Prepare for honesty.

4–Stay focused on the desired outcome.

Distractions clutter thinking. Don’t let them. Work upward. Take simple steps without starting from scratch.

5–Keep a positive outlook.

Prior success can lead to more. Confidence flows from your skill sets. Be fearless to apply them differently or develop them further.

Mackay also quotes copywriter and prolific author, Robert (Bob) Bly. Here’s his three-part strategy for overcoming slumps:

1–Do something.

2–Do more.

3–Keep doing it.

Beat the slumps with some good, old-fashioned action!

What challenges do you face in life and business as the year moves into the fourth quarter?

*Source: Tulsa World, 08.12.07

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