How to Stimulate Your Reader’s Imagination

I’m a visual person. I default to thinking in pictures and images.

For example, when I set goals I see the process, the path, and the end-result of achieving it. Then I move forward in that direction (at least that’s the plan).

Visualization stimulates energy. Imagination taps into emotions. Images ignite thoughts and compel action.

At the movies the preview trailers for upcoming features keep me in my seat. I’ll forgo the concession line to make sure I don’t miss one Preview of Coming Attractions.

There’s promotional power in watching action-packed, laugh inducing snippets from soon-to-be-released films (occasionally the trailer is better than the movie itself).

The visual set-up, like imagination, motivates. It prepares you for action. Visualization energizes your receptivity to new ideas and the means to achieve your copywriting and marketing goals.

What you see is what you get. This works in for the features & benefits of your products and services just like it does in life.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

What “images” are you creating for your marketing approaches? Are your clients “seeing” what you’re promoting before they get it?

Visually compelling copywriting is essential if you want to captivate the imagination of your target market. Help them picture themselves using and benefiting from your product or service.

3 ways to stimulate your prospects’ and clients’ responsive imagination.


Remember those paint-by-numbers coloring books that brought out your inner-Picasso during childhood? You would pick a number-color combo and give life to an otherwise dull image.

Compelling copywriting involves numbers. Facts, statistics, and relevant data adds color to an otherwise dull promotion.

Useful data provides proof that your business, product, or service delivers beneficial results. Color your copy with testimonial and expert information.

>Get real<

People (your clients) have real problems. And you’re in business to solve them.

Help them picture the benefits your product or service delivers. Connect it to real life.

This means you must know your prospect. Lead them with words to visualize the future – the future that your product/service can enable them to experience. Remember you’re promoting benefits – real…hands-on benefits.

>Show some emotion<

Again, knowing your prospect involves understanding what reaches, touches, and compels them. My business tagline states, among other things, that I write compelling copy. If writing doesn’t compel…you won’t sell (pardon the cheesy rhyme).

Tap into the emotions of your prospects and repeat clients. Write in a way that visualizes fear…greed…insecurity…happiness…pride…guilt…confidence…etc (all among common copywriting emotions).

Remember, *people buy for emotional, not rational reasons*.

Visualization stimulates the imagination. Give people an image that compels them to do business with you.

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