About Eddie Stephens

How a guy with over 25 years of leadership…inspirational teaching…self-help…personal development experience can transform your marketing copy into results that’ll make you eternally grateful…

I’ve always been an opportunity-driven-eye-on-the-horizon kind of person. The persuasion process got my attention early in life.

As a kid, I’d respond to those ads in the back of magazines. You remember…the ones with the offer of a new bike…a stereo system…or a trip to Disneyland for the whole family if you’d order and sell the most product.

I sold garden seeds, Christmas cards, stationery, etc. door-to-door. I loved the feeling of self-driven opportunity…and persuading people to buy!

Three paper routes as a teenager….a few toes in the multi-level/network marketing waters here and there as a young adult…and along the way – 25+ years persuading people as a pastor…and now a freelance copywriter.

Why a copywriter?

I understand the power of the written word. Authentic persuading and selling! Not manipulation and hype (can’t stand it on any level!).

Keep it real. Get inside the minds…down into the soul of your readers…clients…potential customers. Find out what makes them tick…write to it…and you’ve got a loyal buyer.

There’s an art to choosing and using words to communicate a message – whether a marketing message…a product message…an inspirational message…or an educational message.

I’ve learned from the best copywriters in the business (and still do).

  • AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) – member since 2007
  • AWAI Circle of Success – joined 2009
  • AWAI Masters Program – 2010 to present
  • The Professional Writers’ Alliance – member since 2011

I’m a insatiable learner. That translates into consistently staying on top of the latest trends and techniques. And applying them to my current projects for clients…like you!

I’ll take information about your product or service and transform it into…

  • results-getting emails
  • sales letters
  • promotional packages
  • case-studies
  • online content
  • social media content (blog posts, Twitter and Facebook posts, etc.)
  • newsletters
  • …and other marketing communications

The result: generating leads and sales!

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