Put super-power ability to work in your marketing

I’m often asked about my copywriting. When someone asks me if I write this-or-that kind of copy I hesitate.

It’s not a hesitancy that results from questioning my ability to write a particular kind of copy. It’s more a matter of thinking how best to answer the question on-task.


For example, when someone says they’re “on-task” they’re implying that they’re in the process of doing a particular thing. It could also define focus and diligence.

It’s a way of saying – “I’m working on it!” “Consider it done!”

I’m an on-task copywriter. I know how to write content that leads a prospect to a response. Most often that’s a sale.

The word, response, could refer to the intended obvious – the bottom line transaction that involves dollars being exchanged for goods or services.

Response could also describe…

  • …a “click” through on an email promotion I write that leads one to a more lengthy, descriptive online sales or landing page.
  • …the process of selling someone on your products’/services’ unique ability to solve a problem through a well-crafted case study.
  • …a series of tweets (on Twitter), Facebook page posts, or blog posts uniquely designed to engage prospects in a social media dialogue about your products and services.

And yes, it’s intentional!

Copywriting must be intentional. It mustn’t be unfocused, manipulative or merely creative wording.

I’m all for creative copy (I dislike manipulative copy). Especially if words can be creatively organized to promote an otherwise run-of-the-mill, one-among-a-thousand products or services in a way that leads to a measurable response.

A super-power ability.

Dan Kennedy says, “The ability to organize words that motivate people to buy is a super-power.” That’s an excellent description!

In essence, effective marketing and the copywriting that drives it has to do with the ability to organize words to ignite a response.

I’m intentional to provide copywriting that creates a sales response! I’m super-powerful that way not because of any innate ability or physical stature.

No, I don’t carry a big-thunderous hammer like Thor. And I don’t have Green Lantern super-powers.

But I do understand that words work. And I’m on-task to organize them for that purpose.

So yes, I can write your this-or-that copy.

Should we be talking…?

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