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Remember the summer camp romance? The tearful hugs (and a kiss or two) before leaving on the last day? The pledge to write each other daily?

Days passed. I watched for that white US Postal vehicle making its way down my street to MY mailbox. I couldn’t wait for the next letter to arrive.

Imagine your clients feeling that way about your e-mails arriving in their inbox!

Do they? It’s possible!

I know how to write e-mails that get opened…read…and clicked-through to the all-important offer you’re making to your customers.

  • e-mail campaigns
  • e-mail auto-responders
  • e-mail promotions


Your business has a beneficial story. And it’s essential that you connect yours (story) with that of your customers (their story).

Why keep the buzz about the benefits of your business…product…service(s) around your own water-cooler?

Deliver benefit-rich…valuable content to your current and potential customer-base through consistent online (e-newsletters) or print (newsletters).

Deliver these pieces strategically…you’ll keep your company name front-of-mind as your list grows. And front-of-mind means they’re more likely to do business with you over a competitor.

  • e-newsletter content (bi-weekly, monthly, weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly…)
  • editorial content planning/consulting

b-to-b service providers

Information Publishers…Trainers/Speakers…Coaches/Consultants…Field Professionals (Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Financial Planners, Etc.)

Promotions for:

  • Books (print and e-books)
  • Subscription newsletters
  • Reports
  • Training resources
  • Productivity tools
  • Inspirational/motivational resources…

Are you making waves in your niche? Educate…inspire…persuade…and sell more through direct response copywriting.

  • Sales letters
  • Landing pages
  • Online content
  • E-mail promotions
  • Case studies

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