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4 Social Media “Basics” That Can Transform How You Do Business

Had to “reboot” a device recently? Like your smart-phone or computer, your social media content strategy needs an occasional reboot. The reboot is a cleansing feeling really. By now (hopefully) you’ve ventured into the surf and are discovering how useful social media is for engaging with not only your friends but colleagues, clients, and prospective [...]


A 5-Question Filter for Your Marketing Content (Including Social Media)

You receive a marketing piece via mail…and Wow! Or you log onto a website and the embedded flash reminds you of a Vegas show. My first fleeting thought is – “Someone dropped some cash on that…!” Hold that thought…because there’s a deeper question that begs answering. And it’s a question that the ever-changing marketing landscape [...]


3 Ways to Sharpen Your Social Media Mindset for Business

“All businesses are being forced to go social.” That’s according to Michael Brito. Maybe you’ve been waiting to see if all the buzz about having a blog, a Facebook page or a Twitter account is just another passing trend. Delaying or avoiding social media altogether may have been the general mindset a few months ago [...]

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