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4 Social Media “Basics” That Can Transform How You Do Business

Had to “reboot” a device recently? Like your smart-phone or computer, your social media content strategy needs an occasional reboot. The reboot is a cleansing feeling really. By now (hopefully) you’ve ventured into the surf and are discovering how useful social media is for engaging with not only your friends but colleagues, clients, and prospective [...]


How to be known as an “industry expert”

“What do I really have to offer the industry or more specifically – the niche – I work in?” It’s an important question that forces me to inventory the benefits I deliver. This week I’ve been writing and editing a report that I’ll deliver FREE to my prospective client list. There’s an important reason I’m [...]


Why saying “trust me” destroys trust in marketing

A close family member recently experienced a salesperson’s attempt to close-the-deal by shoving a contract across his desk with the words, something to the effect of, “Come on…sign the (expletive) papers and let’s get this done…!” Had this been a multi-million dollar deal, built on months of negotiations, with significant upside potential, I’d understand the [...]


12 Reasons Businesses Fail at Social Media (And How Yours Can Succeed)

Browsing my Evernote idea file to write today’s post I came across this one I had clipped weeks ago – 2011 Predictions: Top 12 Reasons Businesses Will Fail at Social Media. I encourage you…don’t let the negative post title think it’s all doom & gloom. In fact, give attention to the “12″ and your business [...]


Why Your Marketing Should “Get” Social Media

Are you one of those who still don’t get the whole social-media-for-business thing? Or do you just wade in occasionally at water’s edge with a tweet here or a post there because your marketing director said, “We need to get into social media…!” Frankly, it’s difficult to argue with all the data when you consider [...]


Put super-power ability to work in your marketing

I’m often asked about my copywriting. When someone asks me if I write this-or-that kind of copy I hesitate. It’s not a hesitancy that results from questioning my ability to write a particular kind of copy. It’s more a matter of thinking how best to answer the question on-task. “On-task?” For example, when someone says [...]

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