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4 Social Media “Basics” That Can Transform How You Do Business

Had to “reboot” a device recently? Like your smart-phone or computer, your social media content strategy needs an occasional reboot. The reboot is a cleansing feeling really. By now (hopefully) you’ve ventured into the surf and are discovering how useful social media is for engaging with not only your friends but colleagues, clients, and prospective [...]


3 Online Marketing Assets Worth Controlling

I have control freak tendencies. Why are you giving me that look? Come on now. You have your issues too! Truthfully, this sometimes freakish behavior has value. For example, you should consider it a good thing that you want to maintain control over your business assets. I marvel at people who face the wind while [...]


3 Blog Basics for Business

[Portions of this article - written by me - first appeared on the Dentoola Blog-01.11.2011 and have been re-published on my dental industry niche blog at] Businesses and service providers that “get” social media will move ahead of the crowd. What’s a good first step? Choices vary these days from Twitter, to Facebook, to [...]


Why Your Marketing Should “Get” Social Media

Are you one of those who still don’t get the whole social-media-for-business thing? Or do you just wade in occasionally at water’s edge with a tweet here or a post there because your marketing director said, “We need to get into social media…!” Frankly, it’s difficult to argue with all the data when you consider [...]

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