Understand 2 Things as You Jump Into Social Media

“Social Media isn’t inexpensive, it’s different expensive.”

Jay Baer said that. And what he’s talking about is important…no, vital – especially as you’re taking-the-leap into social media!

First, don’t pull-the-plug on social media or start making cuts to your marketing budget so you can plug it into your marketing efforts. Baer isn’t talking cash-flow.

He’s focused on something we all have the same amount of but use so ineffectively – time!

Social media takes time.

To establish a reputation on the social web involves daily participation. Content creation, engagement, customer service – however you use social media – it ALL takes time!

Jay Baer explores the time investment more thoroughly here. Let’s take a look at his two insights (options) from the article and apply them to your business. Understand these as you launch a social media presence or reengage the one you’ve already begun (but are finding time consuming).

“Social Media Time Management”

Consider all the time-consuming tasks you do everyday. Sending and receiving email, returning phone calls…oh, and interacting with (hopefully) a steady stream of clients, customers, etc.  – depending on your niche. And if you’re planning to get the most mileage out of your social media presence you’ll need to do a serious time inventory.

“You need to do whatever you can to tie behavior and time utilization to business results. Then, you need to jettison what you’re doing that isn’t a clear net positive, and use that new found time vacuum to fit in daily social media participation.”

Get Help

Many of your social media tasks should bear your unique voice. As Baer says, “…it’s difficult to outsource your voice.”

Keep a grip on your social media efforts. But not such a tight hold that you control too much of it and thus lose control of your valuable time.

Use these social-media-time-saving hints:

>Create a content calendar with topics of interest to your clients/customers/followers, upcoming promotions, the latest industry news of interest, etc.

>Outsource the research and content creation. Think written as well as video and photo content too. Broaden your social media scope to include the various outsource-able help-points you have available to you.

>Keep a greenhouse of content growing. Keep blog post, tweet, and article ideas in the soil. Water them occasionally with new thoughts. When you need content it’s there and ready to go! (Evernote is a superb “greenhouse” for content and idea “growing”. Check it out!)

Social media works! But you must invest valuable time and use the tools available to help you get the most mileage for your marketing purposes.

“Nobody said social media was both transformative AND a slam dunk! It’s hard. Really hard. So you either need to make the time internally, get more people involved, or stay on the sidelines.”

Look no further…I’m “people!” Ask me. And subscribe to this blog for more valuable social media tools in future posts.

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