Vintage Copywriting: How to Re-Purpose Your Marketing Content

In my mid teen years my Dad bought an older house to salvage the lumber, brick, and stone for use to remodel our new home addition. I remember, as we speak, pulling what seemed like millions of nails from the lumber that would be re-nailed into flooring, wall studs, etc. in our new house.

The occasional reflection reveals not only my dad’s innate resourcefulness but also his wisdom. Nothing against buying or selling new. But sometimes the ever-popular and now trendy vintage approach works too!

From jeans to cars to jewelry and (in our case) home building/remodeling – vintage is cool! And the cooler thing about vintage: something always will be (think about it).

My dad’s vintage-housebuilding-resourcefulness got me to thinking about copywriting and marketing content. There could be vintage value going unused in your product and service promotions.

Here’s a few how-to insights to recover and reuse some of your copywriting and marketing content:

>Deconstruct your testimonials.

Survey quotes and satisfied customer/patient testimonials work.They’re a way for prospects, leads, and potential clients to “kick-the-tires” – so to speak- without a commitment.

Try deconstructing a few of your recent, best testimonials and reconstruct them as a case study. A case study takes the client’s experience up-a-notch by showing how your product/service solved a problem.

Julie Borgini, a copywriting colleague in the software and high-tech industry says, “Case studies are short articles that describe how companies solved a challenge with a product or service. It’s a simple and effective way to talk about your company and its services, and how they apply in a concrete way to potential clients. Think of them as a before & after picture of a situation your company faced.”

>Recycle blog content.

If you blog about your services (and I highly recommend you do) you’re sitting on a gold-mine of recycle-able content. A simple blog post can be re-purposed as an e-newsletter article, one among several chapters in a special-report you offer free to your client list, or social media posts you link back to via Twitter or your Facebook page.

>Renew web page content.

Your existing web pages may need the demolition crew…but maybe not! Consider a site-audit first!

A website audit can determine if your keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are up to speed. You’re leaving profit on-the-table if you built a website with the latest flash technology and graphics thinking that’s the answer to increasing site traffic.

You’ll be amazed at the simple tweaks a site audit will provide. And once those few edits are implemented you’ll be equally astounded at the increase in traffic and Google ranking potential.

Sometimes a little sweat-equity uncovers some still usable resources.

And another thing…the older I get the wiser my Dad becomes. Thanks Dad for a memory and lesson I’m bound to get more mileage from.

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